Alumina programming language

Welcome to the Alumina programming language! Alumina is an imperative, general-purpose, statically typed, compiled system programming language. It is heavily inspired by Rust, but it keeps C-style manual memory management and memory unsafety.

See Alumina GitHub page, the language guide and the online compiler playground to get started with Alumina.

Standard library structure

This is the root module (::) of the standard library, all the code contained in its submodules modules is always available to programs and libraries written in Alumina. It consists of std, which is the bulk of the library and a couple of auxillary modules, such as libc for bindings to the C standard library and test for the built-in unit test runner.

About the documentation

The documentation is automatically generated from the comments in the source code using the alumina-doc tool.

Contributions to the documentation are most welcome! Fork the repository and submit a pull request. CI will ensure that the documentation is built and all examples compile (and optionally run) successfully.


"FFI" interfaces to libc.
Standard library for the Alumina language.
Minimal unit test runner